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Port Erin Marine Biology Laboratory 1975
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Graham Sep 2006

After leaving Port Erin I started work on PhD research at Bristol in the Research Unit for Comparative Animal Respiration under Prof. George Hughes.I was working on the effects of pollutants on the respiration of Brown trout. However I soon realised that I should have heeded a warning from Chris Bridges about strange rumours concerning R.U.C.A.R. and Prof. Hughes.

Suffice to say that I left two years later having achieved very little and gave up all hope of completing my thesis. By now I was broke and decided that I would have to enter the evil world of commerce or starve.

Suffolk Oct 2006

Graham & Pauline & Tess
I spent a few months doing temporary work for Suffolk County Council ( where I met Pauline) and then in summer 1978 started work as a medical representative with Beecham Pharmaceuticals working in Suffolk and Essex. I had intended to only follow this career for a couple of years and then move into marketing, however I found that I enjoyed the relative freedom of being on the road and surprisingly I proved to be a successful salesperson. I really could not face the prospect of being office bound and so stayed on the road . As a result of subsequent mergers I worked for SmithKlineBeecham and then GlaxoSmithkline where I remain until today.- Clearly a man totally lacking in ambition!

During the October 2006 half term holiday, Brenda and offspring visited Dot & Mike's lovely home near Lowestoft and managed to track down Graham, last heard of living in nearby Wangford. He hadn't moved far fortunately and we succeeded! He met us in a local pub (where else!) for a lovely evening.

Suffolk Oct 2006

Suffolk Oct 2006

In 1981 Pauline and I were married and moved to Needham Market in Suffolk.We moved several times, but for the past 16 years have lived in Halesworth along with our three dogs Tess( Golden Labrador),Susie ( Lhasa) and Rosie ( a tiny Yorkie).

I'm still passionate about Natural History and enjoy my ornithology when time allows.

Last news of Will Lauriston ?

With respect to the 'missing' Will Lauriston I last saw him the day that I stormed out of RUCAR in Bristol having told George Hughes what I thought of him (words not for the faint hearted!). I was headed down Park street looking for a pub to drown my sorrows when who should I bump into but Will, who I seem to remember was in town for a job interview. On asking Will if he would like to join me you can imagine the answer! I last saw Will leaving the pub several pints of Guinness later - a fitting image to retain for the next 30 years.

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