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Port Erin Marine Biology Laboratory 1975
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Prof: Ernest Naylor : Andy Brand : Richard Hartnoll : John Slinn : Roger Pullin : Joanna Kain : Norman Jones : Don Williamson : Alan Bowers

1972/3 Honours Year Students

Chris Bridges

1973/4 Honours Year Students

to be completed

1974/5 Honours Year Students

Kit Gray : Ruth James : Brenda Neale : Sally Bardwell : Dot Coles : Dave Morris : Dick Dalley : John Bishop : Juergen Alheit : Steve Oakley : Jeremy Paul (Jez) : Graham Johnson (also last news of Will Lauriston)

1974/5 Honours Fisheries Students

Ian Cowx : Greg Armstrong : Dave Scutter

Research Students

Tony Eeles : Frances Dipper


Mike Bates : Peter Crebbin

Grand Farewell Reunion Weekend

Photo gallery 1 and Photo gallery 2 and Photo gallery 3 of Friday night Barbeque, Saturday Dinner, Sunday Jazz brunch and various nostalgic photos of the Island nowadays

Golden Oldies photographs

Photo gallery of photos from the 70's : Photo gallery of photos from Easter 1974 field trip

Port Erin Bay panorama

360 degree panorama of the bay Friday 30th June 2006

Official PEML web site

http://www.liv.ac.uk/peml/ (Old site for reunion seems to have disappeared)

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