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Frances Buckley (Dipper)

Frances was a Port Erin research student in the late 1970's after gaining a first class Zoology degree from Southampton and has continued her career as an independant marine consultant, underwater photographer, author and educational lecturer.

Her books include Extraordinary Fish (BBC/ Toucan Books) written to tie in with the BBC's Blue Planet series and she is the 2003 winner of the Aventis Prize for Science Books in the Junior book section with her book 'DK Guide to the Oceans' published by Dorling Kindersley. In addition she is a qualified Diving Instructor and expedition leader.

Her striking web site can be found at

Brenda, Frances, Naylors & Elizabeth

Brenda, Frances, Gillian & Ernest Naylor, Elisabeth Bridges

Frances Dipper

Since 1992, Frances has been self employed. based in UK and working on projects including Middle East and Far East diving and survey projects such as:

  • Semporna Islands Project, Sabah, Borneo. Coral reef surveys yearly 1998-2006 and ongoing. Responsibility for soft corals and sponges.
  • Maldives coral reef ecology course (Marine Conservation Society); leader 2002
  • Red Sea coral reef ecology courses (Marine Conservation Society); course leader 1997-2000
  • Fujairah (UAE) coastline survey to assess oil spill effects, .
  • Darwin Initiative project (NCB) Shark & Ray fisheries in Sabah, 1996-1998 (3 visits).
  • Sipadan Island, Sabah. Coral reef survey & monitoring 1995-2002 (4 visits). Responsibility for invertebrates (sponges, soft corals)
  • Sabah, Borneo. Expedition to study flora & fauna of tropical rain forests (1993).
  • Natural History Museum. Monitoring programmes Norfolk, 1995 and Sullom Voe 1993.

She is a part-time tutor for both the WEA and the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education . She also works with the Marine Conservation Society and tutors for Ecofieldtrips offering educational fieldtrips in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to teenagers

Frances lives near Cambridge, has two grown-up daughters and is married to John, who accompanied her to the Reunion.

Frances & John

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