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Port Erin Marine Biology Laboratory 1975
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This is just great, am really enjoying catching up with lost friends. Didn't recognise Steve!!! Have sent him an email so hope to get more details of his antics over the past years since we lost touch. Does anyone know contact info for Jon Watkins (was with BAS) and Hamish who did their PhDs at the same time as us? Strangely enough I was chatting with a friend the other day and it turned out that one of her closest friends from her youth in Sussex was the sister of Phil Bourne (also from our PhD contingent) - he is now out in Australia having worked in Fiji for awhile - she is going to get his contact details for me. The other people we keep in regular contact with are Antonio and Martha Calderon Perez (from Mexico) and Jeremy and Aileen Lyle (from Australia). Haven't seen very much of Dave but will now make the effort. He is married with 2 young children (said he started late!) - he was with BAS (British Antarctic Survey) and then was working on pipelines or something in foreign parts (not very informative am I??)

Thought I would give you a few more details, some of which you may like to include in the circular if you want to update it anytime. Mike and I went out to Cape Town to work for the fisheries lab with our first son Robert (born on the IOM) in 1982. I was researching the interaction between predator and prey on the pelagic fish larval assemblages in the upwelling region off the west coast (sorry that sounds like an abstract!!). Our second son Tom was born there in 1988 and we left for Mike to take up a position in Belfast at the fisheries lab there in 1990. I had a couple of years out from working before embarking on a teaching career, teaching biology and basketmaking at the Steiner school in Holywood that the boys were attending.

Dot & Mike Oct 2006

So here we are now in sunny Suffolk - Mike moved here in 04 and Tom and I joined him last summer after he had completed his GCSE,s (did well in biology!! plus all the sciences). He's now settled in very well in the local high school to do his A levels, intending to go on to specialise in physics - definitely a 'mad scientist'. Rob gained a degree in geography but hasn't done too much with it yet. He was living and working in Manchester for a couple of years (did a music course there too) and has just gone off to work in France before hoping to head off to somewhere in the far east to teach english - a real adventurer!

Interestingly enough (with all the artists who have blossomed from our year!), I am now taking the time to explore my creative side. I've always been interested in, and tried, many different crafts and thoroughly enjoyed teaching basket making - so I thought that I would expand my knowledge. I've been attending a course on a monthly basis over in your (Brenda's) neck of the woods (wish I'd known you were there) - in Stroud. That is now coming to an end with only one more over the weekend of 9th June, although I will have to come over next year to do the one I missed the other weekend. I'm also trying my hand at some watercolour painting which I am enjoying playing with (Mike is much more talented with this medium but doesn't have any time!). I'm also handbell ringing and doing voluntary work for the RSPB down at the Minsmere reserve. So as well as taming the garden, swimming and walking the dog I'm keeping myself pretty busy and not minding at all that I'm not working!

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