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Port Erin Marine Biology Laboratory 1975
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Steve & family at Bau Caves
Steve is a Professor of Marine Studies based in Borneo

Not sure If I can make it to PE this summer, I used all my free flight milage last November on a trip to Buck Palace to meet Prince Philip, One of my environmental projects won the BSAC award and we had to go to the Palace to collect the certificates. This means its my wifes turn for the expensive flight!

Definitely lots of water under the bridge since we last met. Annette (Girlfriend in 74/5, wife before PhD finished) & I split during the first Gulf War, I was in the gulf rescuing turtles from the oil slick and she fell in love with the guy next door!!! Can't complain we had many good years and two wonderful children (Sam & Hazel). (Sam is a wantobe rockstar in California. plays punk in a band called my life story. Hazel works for me in Borneo on sea otters). Several years later I met up with Kathy an ex teacher of my children and we eventually got married, Been living together since 96, married since 2001, We have a child Jack age 6, and a child from her first marriage - Tamzin. Kathy is chief coordinator of the international School here, administration but also teaches 'A' level biology mostly.

Unfortunately while I may still want to be a beach bum, work seems to get in the way and mostly its students and research assistants who have the most fun. Still dive and get to do expeditions both on the water and in the forest. Still drink but can't seem to get that drunk anymore - I definitely prefer the mellow feel to the edge of the toilet.

Work all over the island of Borneo which is divided into the countries of East Malaysia, Brunei and Kalimantan ( Indonesia). I commute 1.5 hr by plane to work, only get home 10-14 days a month. from home to office is a 2000km drive - takes 3 days. This area of the world is very cheap for example - can drink - coke is 15p, seafood dinner for 4 is stp20-25 including beer. we eat at home only once or twice per week, we can't cook for the price of food in the street cafes. Just taken my mother age 76 to Thailand and the hotel was 12 pounds per room. I also have a time share in a 5 star chain of resorts which I never have enough time to use averages us$200 for 4 for a week. we regularly visit Bali which is really beautiful. National park with orangutan is 1h drive from us, Aquarium will be open for xmas.

If I don't make it back, please pass on an open invitation for anyone to visit the depths of darkest Borneo. We are really quite civilised, Some of the world best diving and rainforest is very close!!!

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