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Ian Cowx

Some of you may remember our friends for the first two years of the course who stayed at Liverpool to study Fisheries - as well as Ian there was Greg Armstrong and Dave Scutter. I lost track of both but caught up with Ian first a couple of years ago and repeat his update of then. He is Professor of Fisheries at Hull University & Director of their Fisheries Institute Brenda

Just catching up on the emails after being away for about 5 weeks, first working in Africa and then some holiday. Unlike your typical academics I don't get months off to relax. To many things to keep me going incuding finishing writing my 12th book!

I am due to go to Thailand next week for a couple of weeks so the traveling continues!! This also requires preparation of a presentation which is a pain and again takes time out of my academic holiday period!!! I spend 90% of my time trying to stop dam developments, save over-exploited fisheries and stopping fish species going extinct. When I succeed, and in many cases I have, it is very rewarding. Failures are painful, especially when predicted and you tried to put the situation right. I think this is what drive me knowing I have done my little bit to stop gross negligence and crass stupidity!

The list of people you mentioned from the old days is interesting. It brings back good memories although I have lost touch with most Ironically I meet Paul Johnstone who you don't remember last week at a meeting in Edinburgh. He is now a private fisheries consultant who is raking in the Euros in Ireland!

For my side I got married very late - hockey and other things intervened in any long standing relationship until I found a Dutch lady who could cope! I have two boys, 11 and 15, which means unlike most of my generation I have a long way to go before they disappear from the house!

Update from Ian May 06 re Reunion

It is looking increasingly unlikley I will make the reunion. I have been asked to work in Rhodes on an endangered fish species for the European Commission and probably have to go at this time.

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