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Port Erin Marine Biology Laboratory 1975
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Greg Armstrong

Hi All,
Apologies for not responding but have been plenty busy lately. Not least involved in an EIFAC Symposium 13-17th June in Mondsee, Austria with Ian Cowx - who I had not seen since we left Liverpool (though we send Xmas cards each year)!! Stayed on for a couple of days fishing, though it was abortive cos I had a bad back.

Anyway, as you will know I have not made it to IoM. I did make it there in March 2005, for the first time since the Marine unit course. I was advising IoM government on fish pass design for some of the obstructions on their rivers. I am the National Fish Pass Officer (expert?) for the Environment Agency (England & Wales) these days, having moved (down-sized) to this technical specialist job some 8 years ago. Previously, spent some 23 years living in South Oxfordshire and working mostly in Reading for Thames Water, National Rivers Authority, and then Environment Agency (all former guises/predecessors of existing EA as it has evolved). Worked for John Banks for most of it until he took early retirement. Various team leader jobs of Area team, then science, then Regional fisheries team. Interest in fish passes developed from managing Thames Salmon Rehabilitation programme (part of resposibilities for several years towards end of 'management' career).

Greg Armstrong

Greg, Graham & Dave Scutter

Greg in his sober student days!
with Graham & Dave Scutter

Married to Marian (for 29 years in early August). Two dogs (munsterlanders), no kids but assorted wildlife supported! Live now near the coast in Manorbier, Nr Tenby, Pembrokeshire - a lovely part of the world, still unspoilt, plenty of coastal walks, island bird sanctuaries, wildlife etc - in fact we recycle organic waste through the badgers & foxes every night! We have a couple of holiday lets (annexe on house, and 3-bed cottage) to help keep the wolf from the door. You can see details on the Welsh Tourist Board site - search on Manorbier, Swallows and/or Dovecote. Or Can e-mail

So far as Liverpool folk go I see Alan Butterworth regularly, Steve Colclough from time to time, am still in contact with John Banks. Exchange xmas cards with Claire Benyon (since reunion for the Prof leaving). Have not seen Dave Scutter for years, but so far as I know he still works for Welsh Water managing reservoir sites in Wales. Paul Johnson is at Bush Mills, Ireland I believe. Have met Graham Harris very occasionally. Have not seen Kevin O'Grady for a while, Ian knows him better.

Trust that those of you who make it enjoy IoM.
Very Best Regards to you all,
Slade Farm (non-working!), Manorbier, Nr Tenby, Pembs, SA70 7SJ, Wales.

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