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Port Erin Marine Biology Laboratory 1975
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Webmaster: Tim Severin is an explorer who reproduces the marine journeys of mythical characters and I was reading my fourth account of his fascinating travels. 'The Sinbad Voyage' was following the tales of Sinbad the Sailor across the Seven Seas from Arabia to China. As I read of storms and torn sails it was not a journey for the faint hearted. Then I saw a familiar face (although under a mass of hair) and checked the crew list. Yes it was our very own "Dick Dalley, Marine Biologist" who had joined the expedition under cover of 'marine research'! It's quite a story and I'd love to hear Dick's version sometime!

The Sohar
The Sohar

The Crew
The Crew

Journey's End : China

Dick on Sohar

Dick & crewmates 1980

Dick & Sally skiing

A great pleasure to hear from you all again after all this time!
I've kept in contact with some of the others over the years:

- Sally who I go skiing with regularly - she came and stayed with her husband John and several other skiing friends just this weekend. I've attached a couple of photos to this message, which I hope you can open. Sal in purple, her husband John in red and me in green (hiding underneath a woolly hat so you can't see how grey I've gone!)

- John Bish who is a fellow at the MBA and Reader in the Univ of Plymouth. Lives 8 miles from me. Also Steve Hawkins who you may not know because he was in the year behind us at PE - he is now Director of the MBA. They both keep strong links with PE so I get all the news.

- Dave Morris, who now works for CEFAS (ex MAFF) in Lowestoft. I probably see Dave every 2-3 years and we email from time-to-time (he is married with two youngish kids)

- Jeremy, although I haven't seen him since the last time I was on the island in 2000. We actually had an excellent reunion in 1992 during the PE Centenary celebrations - from our year there was me, Sal, Jurgen, Dot and Jez. Also saw a range of people including Chris Bridges at Ernie Naylor's retirement dinner which was held in Plymouth in about 1996.

I haven't seen Will L since we finished the hons year - somebody came across him working as an IT consultant a few years ago.
Graham Johnson I last saw in about 1979, then working as a medical rep. Maybe he's inherited his dad's pub?

Unfortunately I can't make the wake, but potted history since I finished the hons year:
- completed PhD (under Ernie)
- did postdoc for 3 years at Menai Bridge
- worked for International Paint in Newcastle 1982-1986 (they make anti-fouling paint and sponsored my post doc work at Menai) - moved to Devon to manage Int Paint's marine lab in Newton Ferrers in Devon 1986-1990
- went to work for an environmental consultancy in Shrewsbury 1990-1993
- moved back to Devon and worked as a freelance environmental consultant 1993 to the present (mostly corporate policy stuff and virtually zero marine biology)
Stayed single!

All the best Dick

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