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Thank you for your informative mail. I apologize for replying that late, but I have been travelling for the last two months almost continuously. I have just booked a flight to the IOM, bought the ticket for the weekend activities and made a room reservation (confirmation pending). So, all is set. Unfortunately, Ruth cannot join the celebrations as she has left last week for 2.5 months in Antarctica, on a research vessel. She works at the German Polar Institute in Bremerhaven whereas I am employed by the Baltic Sea Research Institute in Warnemuende, former GDR. We have two children, Carl and Sally. Sally has just spent a year in New Zealand and will return on 2nd July. No family member will pick her up, as Ruth is in the Southern hemisphere, I am on the IOM and Carl has university exams in Frankfurt.
If you need a photography for completing your survey. Look at:
Click "Structure" and then "SSC".
I am looking forward to meet you soon,

Best Wishes, Juergen

What a nice surprise to hear from you and all the news of the rest of our honours year allthough the background reason - closing of PE - is very sad. As you have already noted Jürgen and I are still married (since 1980) , and after spending 4 years working as a technician in Kiel in northern Germany we spent 6 years working in a developmental aid project in Peru , in the field of fisheries - mainly anchovies and sardines, - and have been back in Germany since 1986. I guess Jürgen will fill in the details when he comes over.

I work in Bremerhaven , as a technician, in the German Polar Research Institute a job which involves the occasional expedition to the Antarctic and/or the Arctic (research vessel based), which is the reason why I can't attend the reunion although I would very much like to. Our leg of the expedition will be leaving on 16 June and returning on 23 August , its one of the rare winter cruises not only cold but also dark.This will be my third trip to the Antarctic and I've been to the Arctic once.

It seems to me that quite a number of our year are now concerned with art in one form or another - interesting! I do hope that you get more photos and that I can try and identify one person or another - a few names to the present photos would also help as qiute honestly I have great difficulties with a few of them. I hope you have a good time at PE and would love to be there .

Best Wishes Ruth

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